"The seminar was AWESOME and packed full of great information about how to eat and live better.  As a physician I am always looking for people who back up their information with current research and make it easy for others to understand.  You do just that.  I can also tell that you TRULY care about helping people live better lives in whatever way you can.  What a precious gift to give.  Thanks for all you do!"

     ~ Dr. Robert Newhalfen - Chiropractic Physician


"YOU are a rockstar.  I love to be around like-minded people."

     ~ Deb P - Nurse Practitioner


"Within our first consultation, Jeannine was able to identify several areas in which I could improve my eating habits.  These changes were small but significant ways I could get unhealthy ingredients out of my food and in ways that didn't feel punishing.  Jeannine was great at finding simple exchanges, trading one 'not-so-great' ingredient to another 'better-for-you' ingredient.  She is highly knowledgeable and provides clear and easy to understand explanations."

     ~ Ursula S - Saqui Research LLC


"I have been using the RE9 Anti-Aging line from Arbonne for the past 8 years.  When I went to an esthetician, she was amazed with the condition of my skin and how healthy it was.  She asked me what I used and I told her 'Arbonne.'  She said my skin was in perfect health and to keep doing what I am doing!  One of my favorite products is RE9 Toner because it makes my skin feel hydrated before I even put on my RE9 Day Cream."

     ~ Ellen E - Teacher


"I love your sessions, they are so informative and very encouraging."

     ~ Laurie F - Fitness Instructor


"I had a great time and learned some really great tips for living a healthier life and consuming foods that are important to supporting that lifestyle.  I also met some really awesome people that shared a wealth of knowledge with the group... very cool!!!  Keep doing what you do, ladies and gents!"

     ~ Amy D - Esthetician



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